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Performing Arts

Acoustical Analysis

A real-time, three-dimensional analysis of the acoustical properties of a space. Visual representation and analytical narrative is made for architectural and interior designer use in selection and application of sound modeling materials. Service is available for new spaces or remediation for existing spaces.

Lighting Instrumentation & Control

Complete theatrical lighting systems design including instruments, control systems, cabling, and rigging.

Sound Reinforcement

The use of electronic devices for the purpose of vocal and instrumental enhancement and amplification. System includes such devices as source/origination, processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers, cabling, connectors, etc. Low profile microphones and monitor systems are used to support dramatic and musical
productions. Design illustrations include systems configuration, wiring diagrams, and mounting details.


Manual and electrically supported rigging devices to support drapes, lights, and other applications relative to theatrical productions.


Intercom systems that afford production staff quiet, yet effective, communication backstage and in control rooms.