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Audio Video

Acoustical Analysis

A real-time, three-dimensional analysis of the acoustical properties of a space. Visual representation and analytical narrative is made for architectural and interior designer use in selection and application of sound modeling materials. Service is available for new spaces or remediation for existing spaces.

Sound Reinforcement

The use of electronic devices for the purpose of vocal and instrumental enhancement and amplification. System includes such devices as source/origination, processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers, cabling, connectors, etc. Design illustrations include systems configuration, wiring diagrams, and mounting details.

Paging & Intercommunication

IP or digital systems providing for room, zone, and all-call paging and communication applications. Design includes all equipment, software, and details.

Sound Masking

Design and installation procedures that provide open-space offices with various techniques to enhance aural privacy.

Video Switching & Distribution

The routing and distribution of video via wired or wireless technologies throughout a single building, district, or campus.

Streaming Video

The use of various devices to compress, transmit, and receive video and audio throughout a LAN/WAN environment utilizing various algorithms. System design includes encoders, set-top boxes, storage media, and management software for enterprise video delivery or on-line delivery.

Video-Data Projection

The use of high resolution video projection devices to display video or data on large surfaces.

Teleproduction Facility Design

Facility design for radio, television, and recording studios. Design includes space definition, acoustical treatment, and equipment selection. Spaces include studio, control rooms, edit bays, and storage media.

AV System Integration, Control & Monitoring

The integration of production, storage, and monitoring applications to operate, monitor, assist, and justify various technologies that support instructional, management, and program objectives.