DSA Systems

Contemporary facilities require a complex array of supportive electronic systems. Data and telecommunications networks, sophisticated audio visual systems, audio and video teleconferencing, and large screen projection are but a few of the systems found in media rooms, conference rooms, and classrooms being built or renovated today.

Rapid technological change further complicates the owner's task of choosing efficient, cost-effective, state-of-the-art systems. DSA delivers single-source, communication systems assuring the owner and effective, high impact delivery environment and a facility that fully enhances the process for which the building was intended; the delivery of information on demand and the responsible operation of a community asset.

Technology systems that function in harmony with one another provide benefits that increase both the effectiveness and the efficiency of a facility. Integrated systems provide for lighting control, sound reinforcement, telecommunication, data, temperature control, security, and audio video presentations.

A technologically inclusive facility complements the structure and adds substance to the style. Applied technology should not be intrusive. Rather, technology should support and complement user and administrative objectives. A well-designed and installed technology-inclusive structure is simple to operate yet comprehensive in scope. DSA's expertise in designing enhanced technology systems assures complete, easy-to-use systems based on the latest technology available.

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